I’m in awe with pbk’s Dalaric new fic.

The Compromise » Alaric has needs, Damon has needs. Alaric can afford to pay to have his needs met; Damon’s life is a little more complicated.

If you’re into Dalaric hotness and angst with tons of character development than you need to read this. There is so much respect for the BDSM scene and not this abusive bullshit we read everywhere. it’s so beautiful and they are human but you can see their personalities shining through the details and you can see that that’s them, in a different crazy context and reality but totally Damon and Alaric. Piece by piece you will follow in love with this fic. Also there is Defan and Damon does everything (literally) to help him and give him a better life despite his limitations. It’s amazing and so well written I wanna build a home and live in this fic forever.

It’s not finished yet but there are already 8 perfect chapter so you guys can have a lot of fun reading it. Of course, it’s not for everyone since it has dark themes and elements, but it’s one of the best things I’ve read it this year. 

Thank you for five incredible years.

Thank you for five incredible years.


olivia gave birth to baby michael and i can’t stop laughing


If you need torrents, here are the episodes for download:




It’s time to go home.


It will take a long time before I engage in another Bad Robot show  

These things suck your soul, take control of your life and rip your heart


So farewell little fucker  

I need some sane time before I can jump again in your deliciously dangerous universe